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सीसीसी एवं ओ लेवल कंप्यूटर कोर्स      सरकारी नौकरी हेतु अनिवार्य, वेब साइट और सॉफ्टवेयर बनाना सीखे इम्पल्स टेक्नोलॉजी के साथ , यू ट्यूब पर वीडियो के माध्यम से सीसीसी एवं ओ लेवल कंप्यूटर कोर्स       सरकारी नौकरी हेतु अनिवार्य, वेब साइट और सॉफ्टवेयर बनाना सीखे इम्पल्स टेक्नोलॉजी के साथ , यू ट्यूब पर वीडियो के माध्यम से      CCC Computer Course Making compulsory for govermental jobs, Web site and software Development, Learn with Impulse Technologies, Computer Courses through video on YouTube , CCC Mandatory for governmental jobs

 Introduction to Windows  
 Basic DOS Commands

 Elements of Word Processing



 WWW and web browsers

 Making small presentation
It Tools and Business Systems 
Internet Technology and Web Designing  
Programming and Problem Solving through "C" Language

Introduction of ICT Resources 6.


 It Tools & Business Systems 
 Internet Technology & Web Designing 
 Programming and Problem Solving through "C" Language

 Computer System Architecture

 Structured System Analysis & Design

 Data Structure through'C++'

 Intrtoduction to Data Base Management System

 Basic of OS,Unix & Sell Programming

 Data Communication and Network Technology

 Introduvtion to Object Oriented Programming through Java




Java Overview 
Java Basic Syntax 
Java Object & Classes

Java Basic Data Types

Java Modifier Types

Java Basic Operators

Java Loop Control

Java Decision Making 
Java Strings

Java Arrays 
Java Methods

Java Streams, Files and I/O 
Java Exceptions

 COA Syllabus  
 CCA Syllabus 
 Hindi Typing

 English Typing

 (TCP) Tally Certified Professional)
Fundamental of Account  
Recording of Transaction (Journal, Ledger, Trial Balance, Cash Book, Purchase Book, Sales Book,) 
TDS, TCP, Excise Service Tax, Vat, CST, POS Invoice

Import & Export of Data, Cheque, Printing VAT Returns, Service Tax

Budget, Inventory Management

Project Work
 Introduction to C Programming  
 Structured Program Development 
 C Tokens, Expression

 Algorithm and Flowchart

 Program Control

 Loops is C

 Function is C



 Characters and Strings

 Formatted I/O

 Structures and Union

 Linked List

 Stack and Queue

 File Processing
Beginning with C++  
Explaning Object Oriented Language(C++) 
C++ Tokens, Expressions and Control Structure

Functions in C++

Classes and Objects

Memory Management and Pointers

Constructor and Distributor

Operator Overloading and type conversion

Inheritance-extending class

Pointer, Virtual Function, Poiymorphism

Managing Console I/O Operationd

Working witj files

Exception Handling

String Manipulation in C++

New Features of C++
 Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML) 

 Java Scripting

 Project Work  
Computer typing 
Certificate Course in Programming 
Net expert

PC Maintenance

All Type Of Computer Project